I can recall listening to a lot of New Order, and most music ‘left of the dial’, since my childhood. Possibly even before that. After all, “Blue Monday” was only a few months older than me. But the melodies were familiar, the memories were something else. I could listen to “True Faith” and remember looking at the video, and having a crush on Stephen Morris. Of course, I was only a little girl at the time, I didn’t understand. My childhood’s soundtrack was full of music, and definitely there was New Order.

When I rediscovered them back in 2005, I fell head-over-heels in love with the music all over again. My childhood returned full-swing. And while I may have fully turned into a Viking much too late in the game, I can never tire of their music. They are a group that have been my favorite group for a very, very long time. It was through them that I discovered the first incarnation, Joy Division. While I’m still much too young to fully remember everything, and while I wasn’t there for everything to have gone on, I am glad to have heard the music, and feel my life’s adventures filled with the music that’s shaped my childhood.

My most memorable New Order experience was when I was only 21, and I went out to Independent Bar for the first time. [I-Bar for short, it’s a bar/club in Orlando.] And while I was on the dancefloor for the better part of the night, I was fully entranced by “The Perfect Kiss”–the video came on, the song played, and I danced through the whole song like my lifeline was eternally strung onto the song. I hadn’t felt so alive in a long time, the music had been so familiar… and it all came back to me when I heard “The Perfect Kiss” once again for the first time in a long time! This was my favorite song since I heard it as a child. To this day, it is my #2 all-time favorite song–with #1 being from New Order’s first incarnation, Joy Division, with “Transmission.”

To this day, New Order still brings about memories of my childhood, time spent with my family and neighbors. Fun times spent with classmates in school, and playing video games with the neighborhood kids. And even now they are a major part of the soundtrack to my life, and will always continue to do so–the music’s been playing for my 26 years alive so far…!